Cycling Participation.

Cycling Participation

Cycling is becoming more popular. This possibly being due to the country’s success in the Olympics. Also a realisation that it is a sport with many health benefits. When compared to other sports it is the fastest growing participation sport.

The number of people taking part:


                  April 2012-April 2013               October2012/13                              

Swimming 2.88m 2.93m
Athletics 1.95m 2.02m
Cycling 1.86m 2m
Football 1.94m 1.84m
Golf 771,000 751,000
Tennis 423,400 400,600
Squash 257,100 240,700
Rugby Union 166,000 159,600
Boxing 149,7000 154,800
Cricket 189,000 148,300

(Source Sports England Active Peoples Survey).

Cycling has the largest increase 8% with cricket having the largest decrease 22%.

Cycling Participation




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