Cycling and Tennis

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Cycling and Tennis

Why not combine cycling and tennis.

You may not have tickets for Wimbledon this year. But you can watch exceptional young tennis stars at the Wimbledon Qualifiers Tournament this week.

Cycling and tennis complement each other. The Wimbledon Qualifiers tournament is being held at the Bank of England sports ground, Priory Lane, Roehampton (SW15 5JQ).

Another attraction is that it is free of charge and it is an enjoyable experience.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day so get along to it!

Cycling Tour For Women Finishes North East of London

 Cycling Tour of Britain

The women’s cycling Tour of Britain was won by Marianne Vos of The Netherlands, the Olympic and World race champion. Stage 5 finished in Bury St Edmunds with Marianne outsprinting Giorgia Bronzini. Amy Pieters also from Holland was third in the race.

The results of the women’s cycling premier race in this country was as follows:

Stage 1 Emma Johansson

Stage 2 Rossella Ratto

Stage 3 Marianne Vos

Stage 4 Marianne Vos

Stage 5 Marianne Vos

Next year the women’s cycling tour is scheduled to continue north of London

womencyclinglondon-Improving women’s health

Women’s Cycling Tour Day 4 Starts North of London

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Women’s Cycling Tour of Britain-Starting near London at Cheshunt

The first Women’s cycling Tour of Britain started this week. It has 5 stages. They are:

7th May Stage 1 Oundle to Northampton

8th May Stage 2 Hinckley-Bedford

9th May Stage 3 Felixstowe-Clacton

10th May Stage 4 Cheshunt-Welwyn Garden City

11 th Mat Stage 5 Harwich-Bury St Edmunds

The Tour is taking place in the east and south east of England so as to allow the European teams easier access.

Marianne Vos the World and Olympic Champion won stage 3 yesterday and also stage 4 today. She is in the lead and is the favourite to win.

One of the important aspects of cycling is that it improves women’s health and the tour cyclists can be role models for those watching.

Women- Cycling in London isn’t Enough !

Women- Cycling in London isn’t Enough !

Improving women’s health is not just about exercise but also your diet. Recent research suggests that we should be eating more than 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

Researchers from University College London and Liverpool University say that 5 a day just isn’t enough to maintain our health let alone improve it.

Some of the claims made on the back of the research are:

  • You can reduce your risk of early death if you are willing to increase your fruit and veg portions by:


  • 1-3 a day   14%


  • 3-5 a day     29%


  • 5-7 a day     36%


  • 7+ a day     42%


  • Eating 7 or more portions of fruit and veg reduces the risk of death through cancer by 25%.


  • The average yearly consumption of fruit and veg has reduced by 9lbs a year compared to 7 years ago. This is worrying !


Source: University College London, WHO Rabobank, Euromonitor, National Diet and Nutrition Survey, Public Health England.

Women cycling London Improving Women’s Health


Women In London Can Cycle In The Olympic Park.

How about taking some time out to visit the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at Stratford. You can visit The Velopark and cycle around the Olympic Track. You can also ride around the BMX Park.

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Once you have improved your fitness and health in the Velopark then you can move onto the Olympic Swimming Pool. The park is being improved on a day by day basis and provides something for all of the family.

Cycling in The New Forest

Improve your health by cycling in the New Forest. It is just over an hours journey from London. There are numerous off road tracks that you can cycle on.



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The scenery is stunning. There are cycle hire shops in Burley and Brockenhurst where you can hire bikes, buy maps and other cycling accessories.

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Once you have had enough cycling then you might want to move onto the coast and go to the beach.

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Why not visit The Queen Elizabeth Park at Stratford !

The park is the largest to be opened in the United Kingdom in 100 years. It is 568 acres- about the size of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens combined.

Both the Olympic swimming pool and also the cycling velodrome are now open. In addition to these there is a BMX track, a mountain bike track, forest, wetlands, lawns and meadows. The Arcel Mittal Orbit is also open.
Go to for availability and prices.
The children have finished school for Easter and it will also be a good day out for them.

Improving Womens Health